Exclusive – individual – noble – luxurious

With exclusively selected impressions Wheelsandmore demonstrates in detail and perfection their realization of individual customer´s options. For several years  the interior- and luxury manufactory of german high-end tuningcompany is designing aesthetic and elegant interior solutions for luxury- and sportscars as Aston Martin Rapide, DBS, BMW X6M, Bentley Mulsanne, New Continental GT, Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari 599 GTO, Sa Aperta, Koenigsegg, Lexus LFA, Mercedes S65 AMG, Pagani, Porsche Cayenne Turbo and lots more. International celebrities of film-, sports- and music industries are appreciating the perfect realization of their individual needs and appropriate exclusivity and loyalty.

Bentley interior Continental GT Interior leather Bentley individual furniture Bentley Perfekt interior Bentley Continental steering wheel Bentley individual customized VIP leather individual Bentley Continental

Bentley Continental Interior

Leather seats Bentley Supersports Interior individual Bentley Supersports Alcantara carbon individual Bentley Supersports furniture exclusive Bentley Supersports Continental Carbon handcrafted Bentley interior customizing Bentley Supersports

Bentley Continental Supersports und Supersports Cabrio Interior

Porsche Cayenne interior individual interior Cayenne Porsche Customized interior Porsche Cayenne Leather handcrafted Porsche Cayenne furniture special exclusive Porsche Cayenne Carbon custom Porsche Cayenne individual

Porsche Cayenne Interior

individual interior Mercedes CLS AMG luxury exclusive interior Mercedes CLS AMG perfect handcrafted interior CLS 63AMG handcrafted interior Mercedes CLS AMG 63 carbon customized interior Mercedes CLS AMG furniture luxury Mercedes CLS AMG 63

Mercedes CLS 63AMG Interior

Cadillac Escalade interior customizing Escalade Gallas interior luxury Interior leather carbon Escalade alcantara special Cadillac Escalade interior leather handcrafted Cadillac Escalade Complete new interior Escalade Cadillac

Cadillac Escalade Interior

alcantara leather carbon Mercedes G-class 55AMG Mercedes G55 AMG interior individual seats furniture G55AMG Mercedes Interior G55 AMG leather individual tuning customizing Mercedes g-class 55amg Mercedes g-class special interior

Mercedes G55 AMG Interior

crazy interior Paris Hilton Mercedes SL63 AMG leather customized pink Mercedes SL 63 AMG SL63 AMG Mercedes interior luxury customized interior furniture SL 63AMG Mercedes luxury leather Mercedes SL 65AMG Pink leather car customizing Mercedes SL63AMG

Mercedes SL63 AMG Interior

SLR 722 individual interior exclusive customizend furniture MC Laren SLR 722 handcrafted interior Mercedes SLR 722 steering wheel special custon Mercedes SLR 722 Mc Laren Special carbon seats leather alcantara SLR 722 dashboard custom leather Mercedes Mc Laren SLR 722

Mc Laren Mercedes SLR 722 Interior

Cayenne Turbo interior extra Special interior handcraft Porsche Cayenne Porsche seats special leather crafted Cayenne customized interior Porsche Cayenne TUrbo furniture custom Porsche Cayenne GTS Leather Carbon Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne Turbo Interior

carbon special dashboard BMW X6M Leather custom made BMW X6M special interior BMW X6M tailor made alcantara special custom made BMW X6M Perfekt interior BMW X6 M Luxury interior BMW X6 M

BMW X6M Interior   Contact / Imprint
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