Chevrolet Corvette C1 1961
Chevrolet Corvette C2 1965

Corvette duo with a total of 1.000 hp

for sale on customer's order!

Two stunning beauties for sale, which have been refined very expensive, in very high quality and with great attention to detail. Both cars are completere builds without mileage, inside and out - technically and visually new.

Contestant number 1:

Chevrolet Corvette C1 1961 in a two-tone metallic paint. In a subtlegray, the combination with the GMC Red effect is strictly made for the vehicle. The interioris based on the vehicle exterior color, is naturally processed just as high quality and provides, together with the black fabric hood, an excellent transition. The heart of this dreamcar, a 5,7l-V8 with 385 PS / 550 Nm from the Corvette LS1 and a stainless steel exhaust system from Magnaflow, provide enormous propulsion. Delaying by Porsche-Brembo brake system, designed for the most technical claims, it's also visually pleasing to the eye. With a coilover suspension by QA1 and opulent 20-inch wheels from Breyton, the overall pictureis rounded off very consistent.

Contestant number 2:

Chevrolet Corvette C2 1965 in blue metallic, combined with a blue-black interior, which blends very well. Temporary closed will bed one with a soft top in darkblue. A 7,0l-V8 with 550PS / 670Nm from the Corvette LS7, provides brute propulsion, a Brabus brake system delays very effectively. A coilover suspension by QA1, multiple 20-inch forged wheels by wheelsandmore and lots of chrome, give authentic retro charme of the 60s and complete the overall picture very consistent.

Corvette C1 Expose - Corvette C1 Datasheet

Corvette C2 Expose - Corvette C2 Datasheet

Chevrolet Corvette C1 1961 Chevrolet Corvette C1 1961 Chevrolet Corvette C1 1961 Chevrolet Corvette C1 1961 Chevrolet Corvette C1 1961
Chevrolet Corvette  C2 1965 Chevrolet Corvette  C2 1965 Chevrolet Corvette  C2 1965 Chevrolet Corvette  C2 1965 Chevrolet Corvette  C2 1965
F12 Ferrari wheels 22 inch
wheels forged Ferrari California

Ferrari Collection "La Famiglia" by Wheelsandmore

After prototype development of the new concave forged wheel F.I.W.E. was completed, Wheelsandmore presents those lightweight wheel models on three current models of the Ferrari collection.

Contestant number one:
Ferrari F12 with an opulent wheel and tire conversion on individualized F.I.W.E. forged wheels, on the front axle with 265/30/21 tires mounted on 9,5x21 inch rims and on the rear axle with maximum 335/25/22 Continental tires, mounted on 12,5x22 inches wide rims. The center locking optics and outside rims were color matched to the color of the car wrapping. By using a handmade exhaust system in combination with an adapted control electronics finally 785 hp and 730 nm were generated.

Contestant number 2:
Ferrari FF, also with maximum wheel and tire combination, with 9,5x21 inch F.I.W.E. rims and 255/30/21 inch tires on the steering axle and 12,0x22 inch forged wheels with 315/25/22 Pirelli tires on the rear axle. In this case all rims were adapted to customer options and combined with the overall concept tastefully. The less powerful four-wheel driven FF got a handcrafted exhaustsystem by Wheelsandmore with valve flaps and software optimization as well, resulting in a delicate power upgrade with additional 40 horsepower and 30nm additional torque.

Contestant number 3:
The Ferrari California is a bit more cautious about the overall performance because the V8 suction unit provides fewer opportunities for performance improvement through the use of software and exhaust systems to the German tuner opposed to the current California T. With finally 510 hp and 550 NM the only convertible model from the current Ferrari portfolio also knows to convince and wears also the ultralight forged Fiwe wheels sizing 9,0x21 and 12,5x21 inch with 245/30/21 and 345/25/21 Hankook S1 Evo tires.

Ferrari F12 tuning wheels 22 inch wheels Ferrari FF California T TUNING Wheels F12 Berlinetta 22 inch tuning wheels 22 inch wheels Ferrar iFF
Califonia TUNING Wheels 22 inch Ferrari F12 22inch tuning wheels California TUNING Wheels 21 inch 22 inch wheels FF Ferrari FIWE forged California Ferrari 30 TUNING Wheels
Building Wheelsandmore 2015
Bureau Wheelsandmore new building

Reconstruction of the new headquarter from Wheelsandmore

As part of the expansion of the product range and the increasement in storage space we are very pleased that we will refer our headqaurter in this year at domestic location in Baesweiler.

Our team welcomes you in a modern center of excellence with all amenities situated in the recreational area Carl Alexander Park.

The nearby park and the surrounding scenic was created to remind about the past era of coal mining in our area and invites you to relax, unwind and informing, in particular in the form of a staircase on the adjacent slag heap with a beautiful view over the region.

With enlargement of the company we will not only expand our inventory, but also invest in the most modern tools and sophisticated internal procedures and being able to offer the individual needs and customer requirements faster and further improved in quality.

Beneath we will provide always a handpicked selection of individualized sports and luxury vehicles in a separate showroom.

In the pleasant modern design showrooms we offer comprehensive and expert advice for individual implementation of customer requirements.

In addition, the newly established area "Luxury Care" meets all the requirements and needs of the high-quality care and treatment of sporting luxury and vintage vehicles.

reconstruciton wheelsandmore Sales Wheeslandmore 2015 reconstruction wheelsandmore germany 2015 new building 2015 wheelsandmore
Huracan Tuning
Lamborghini Huracan Tuning

Lamborghini LP850 -4 Huracan " Lucifero " by Wheelsandmore

As just the first copies of the new Huracan LP 610-4 left the hallowed halls in Sant`Agata Bolognese, german cartuner Wheelsandmore developed a stunning and powerful upgrade package.

The modified wheels are noted at first because Wheelsandmore applied their new wheel model F.I.W.E. and converted the Huracan into a racing car with central locking optics colored as wll as the applied outlines . The multi-piece concave forged wheels for the Huracan were taylored sizing 9.5 x20 inches on the steering axle for stock tires size 245/30/20 and on the guide axis in 11.5 x21 inches for much flatter 305/25/21 tires. The modular three-piece construction allows an individual customizing according to customerīs specifications. Means that the center, the outer rim, the central locking and even the small connecting screws of the wheels can be finished in color and surface up to infinite combinations.

For those who arenīt satisfied with the factory offered 610 hp and 560 nm of torque, Wheelsandmore has developed 3 different power upgrades. With stage 1 the noble tuner combines a hand-made stainless steel exhaust system with digitally program-able , wireless remote controlled flap control with customized software and carbon-frame air filters and elicits the V10 aggregate 30 horsepower and 40 Nm additional torque. In the second stage the luxury refiner implanted the V10 engine a compressor kit with reinforced clutch and a differential lock. If the solvent customer is bored with these 777 hp and 700 Nm, Wheelsandmore offers also a third and final tuning stage 3 on brute 850 hp and 730nm!

Currently, there is a hydraulically adjustable racing suspension with adjustable train and compression damping in the development and will timely integrated into the Wheelsandmore portfolio for the latest throw of the Italian sports car manufacturer.

Lamborghini Huracan Tuning Lamborghini Huracan Exhaust Huracan Tuner 850 PS Lamborghini Huracan Huracan 21 inch wheels
P1 Mc Laren Tuning
P1 Mc Laren Tuning

Mc Laren P1 with megalight forged F.I.W.E. carbonwheels by Wheelsandmore

The all new Mc Laren P1 sets new standards in the world of the supersportscars what also challenges the ambitious and prestigious high-end tuning companies.

At least with improving the performance of the 375 copies limited aerodynamically perfected P1 the wheat is separated from the chaff. Thatīs why German exclusive car tuning company Wheelsandmore focusses solely on the technical and visual perfection of the wheel / tire equipment.

Since the Mc Laren P1 bristles stock with carbon fibre elements the luxury tuner decided to customize their brand new wheelcenter design F.I.W.E. with a full carbon tube. Those probably lightest multipiece 20 and 21 inch wheels on the market are rotating in 9,0x20 inch size on the steering and 12,0x21 inches on the drive axle.

The center-lock design and the concave wheelcenter design are visually gaining the supercarīs look as well.

Wheelsandmore confidents prices to customers only on request.

P1 Mc Laren Tuning P1 Mc Laren Tuning P1 Mc Laren Tuning P1 Mc Laren Tuning P1 Mc Laren Tuning
Mercede E63 AMG tuning upgrade
Mercede E63 AMG tuning upgrade

Mercedes Benz E63 AMG "Seven-11" by Wheelsandmore

With the current E 63 AMG S, Mercedes AMG offers an all-wheel hammer with 585 hp for the whole family and all season use. So obviously there is no reason to ask your tuner for some upgrades…

As Wheelsandmore from Germany isnīt satisfied with just very good, the perfectionists presents their impressive version of the E63AMG S, called "Seven-11".

The 5.5 V8 bi-turbocharged engine got a completely modified exhaust system with flap-controlled sport mufflers and a CRP-F1-kit. The engine control software was adapted tot hat modification what results in breathtaking 700 hp and 1100 nm of torque.

Externally the work of the tuner is only indentified with the timeless 6Sporz ē forged wheels and the subtle suspension lowering. Here the noble tuner applied the 3-part rims on the front axle sizing 9,5 x20" with 255/30/20 and on the drive shaft in 11,0x20" with 295/25/20 Sport Contact 5P tires from Continental. Following the subtle concept, Wheelsandmore enveloped the wheel center discs in a matte black and the outer rims in a subtle anthracite powder coating. The open wheel design revealed in this way the best view on the perfect carbon-ceramic brake system of the Mercedes E63 AMG S.

As a pioneer Wheelsandmore got to develop a new suspension lowering system, because the standard suspension of the W212 differs entirely from pre-production and its sister model CLS218. A discreet lowering at approx. 30mm ensures the Wheelsandmore lowering kit, while maintaining all active suspension systems.

The noble tuner is satisfied with the new E63AMG only conversed like this...

>>>>>>Mercedes E63 AMG tuning program<<<<<

Mercede E63 AMG tuning upgrade Mercede E63 AMG tuning upgrade Mercede E63 AMG tuning upgrade Mercede E63 AMG tuning upgrade Mercede E63 AMG tuning upgrade
Mercedes CL65AMG tuning
Mercedes ML63 AMG Wheels 22 inch

The big performance, multi-piece 22 inch forged wheels - featured by Wheelsandmore / Germany

Since yet Wheelsandmore inspired the world with perfectly tailored 6Sporzē wheels for various sports- and supersportscars sizing 20 and 21 inches.

From now the tuner completes the 6Sporzē program with the missing 22 inch format, available from 8,5-12,5x22".

As a fortaste, how wicked vehicles can be, equipped with the new giant wheel, the refiner delivers three impressive samples with the current Mercedes models CL65AMG and ML63AMG and actual Maserati Quattroporte GTS.

The ML63AMG got all around 10x22 inches lightweight wheels with 295/30/22 UHP tires from Continental, finished in matte black with accentuating outline in the bodyīs color. The luxury tuner equipped the current CL65AMG with high-gloss consolidated wheel centers, combined with polished stainless steel outer rims, on the front in size 10,0 x22 with 275/25/22 Pirelli tires and on the drive axle in size 11,0 x22 with 295/25/22 Pirelli P Zero Nero. The Maserati GTS shows the exciting wheel on the front sizing 9,0x22 and on the rear 11,5x22 inches with 255/30/22 and 295/25/22 as well Pirelli P Zero Nero tires.

Due to the multi-part construction, all single parts can be finsihed in color and surface according to customerīs options to provide an infinite number of possible combinations. The precious wheels are manufactured exclusively in Germany and are built 100% by hand. The price of a 22 inch basic wheel starts at 2874 EUR excl. vat/tax.

As well as with the smaller sizes the luxury tuner puts the emphasis at the 22 inch wheels on "as light as possible".

Therefore the wheel center were weight optimized according to a maximum TUV approved load of 775kg. Thus, the timeless and sporty 6Sporzē wheel model is ideal for use at the Aston Martin Rapide, Audi S8, BMW 7 Series F01 and X6M, Bentley Continental and Flying Spur, Ferrari FF and F12, Nissan GTR, Maserati Gran Turismo, Quattroporte GTS, Mercedes S-Class, CL-Class, ML, Porsche Panamera, Cayenne and Rolls Royce Ghost and more….

>>>>>>Wheelsandmore ultralight forged wheel-program<<<<<

ML63AMG tuning wheels 22 inch wheels Quattroporte Maserati CL65AMG Mercedes TUNING Wheels ML63AMG tuning wheels 22 inch wheels Quattroporte Maserati
CL65AMG Mercedes TUNING Wheels ML63AMG tuning wheels CL65AMG Mercedes TUNING Wheels 22 inch wheels Quattroporte Maserati CL65AMG Mercedes TUNING Wheels
wheels tuning Aston DBS Volant Martin
Mc Laren tuning MP4-12C wheels

BRITISH SUMMER @ Wheelsandmore

DBS Volante – Summerheat

Wheels / tires:
front: 9,5x21 inches 6Sporzē wheels with tires 265/30/21 Continental Sport Contact 5P
rear: 12,0x21 inches 6Sporzē wheels with tires 325/25/21 Continental Sport Contact 5P

Wheels finished completely matte black on customer´s option


Wheelsandmore special lowering springs -35mm

Power upgrade / exhaustsystem:

CRP-Tuning Kit contending: Cat-replacement-kit, F1-airfilter-Kit and valve controlled exhaustsystem with remote-able valve flaps, achieving additional +40 hp / 90nm

MP4-12C Spider – British open

Wheels / tires:
front: 9,5x20 inches 6Sporzē wheels with tires 255/30/20 Continental Sport Contact 5P
rear: 12,0x21 inches 6Sporz² wheels with tires 325/25/21 Continental Sport Contact 5P

Power upgrade / exhaustsystem:
Ecu upgrade / Tuning from (460kW) 626hp and 601 nm up to (515kW) 700 hp and 650 nm due to remapped software
incl. handcrafted C-M-R-P exhaust incl. remote-control for valve flap system

>>>>>>Aston Martin DBS Volante program<<<<<

>>>>>>MC Laren MP4-12 C Spider program<<<<<

ASTON MARTIN DBS TUNINGPower kit DBS Aston Martin 21 inch wheels Aston Martin DBS Felgen Aston DBS Cabrio Martin Tuning Aston Martin DBS Cabrio
MC Laren MP4-12C tuning MC Laren MP4-12C tuning MC Laren MP4-12C tuning MC Laren MP4-12C tuning MC Laren MP4-12C tuning
Maserati MC Stradale tuning
Maserati MC Stradale tuning

Wheelsandmore Maserati MC Stradale "Demonoxious"

With the MC Stradale model the Corse racing department of the Italian sportscar manufactory Maserati provides a symbiosis of sportiness and everyday use distinctive elegance. That so much beauty can be moved even quicker and more exclusive is now shown by the German luxury tuner Wheelsandmore with their version called "Demonoxious".

As Wheelsandmore kept the silhouette of the GranTurismo sport Coupe completely stock, they couldnīt accept the power and performance and developed a powerful and exclusive upgrade package.

The standard factory, quite pretty looking 20-inch wheels were replaced by the tuner with multipiece forged wheels. One size larger, much wider and due to its 3-piece design and the associated customization options much sportier and more exclusive, the 6Sporz ē ultralight wheels decorates the front axle sizing 9,0 x21 with 245/30/21 tires and on the drive axle with 12,5 x21 brachial wheels and 345/25/21 tires from Hankook. Finished in classic matte black with a subtle red outline, colored matching the brake callipers and combined with everyday use coilovers, adjustable in height, rebound and compression, the conversion of Wheelsandmore awakens our desire for an exciting joyride.

The look is just the first impression....
But really pressure has the modified V8 engine, where Wheelsandmore installed a special compressor. In addition, the tuner changed the air intake, used a water-cooled charge air cooler and equipped the compressor with a self-sufficient oil circuit. A handmade oversized stainless steel exhaust system with remote-controlled flap control and a modified engine control completes the tuning upgrade. Wheelsandmore increased the power of the MC Stradale about 206 hp and 120 nm of torque up to fearsome 666 hp and 640 nm. The Gran Coupe finishes the sprint from 0-100 km / h within 3.8 s and the top speed is sealed off at 320 km/h electronically.

>>>>>>Maserati MC Stradale tuning program<<<<<

Maserati MC Stradale tuning Maserati MC Stradale tuning Maserati MC Stradale tuning Maserati MC Stradale tuning Maserati MC Stradale tuning
Aventador tuning Spider
McLaren MP4-12C tuning Spider

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster and McLaren MP 4-12 C Spider by Wheelsandmore

Candidate 1:
Lamborghini Aventador Roadster: The hot-blooded battle beast with two removable roof panels, not very user-friendly, but a compelling construct at 350 km/h and with 700 stock hp. The sprint from 0-100 km/h is done within 3.0 seconds by the bull from Santa Agatha.

Candidate 2: The McLaren MP4-12C Spider: Within 17 seconds, the british supersportscar transformed into one of the fastest convertibles in the world with 626 hp and an acceleration sprint from 0-100 km/h done in 3.1 seconds.

Therefore both cars offer the best conditions for their pilots navigating quickly and striking over the tracks and through the boulevards of the world cities. Wheelsandmore from Germany is changing power and performance of both cars as follows:

Lamborghini Aventador Roadster:
Performance: Power upgrade from 515 kw / 700 hp and 690 nm up to final 582 kw / 792 hp and 775 nm of torque with modified software, cat-replacement-kit and valve controlled exhaust with remote-able exhaust flaps.
Wheel / tire combination: 6Sporz ē ultralight forged, handmade forged wheels, with individual finish on customerīs option, sizing 9.5 x20 and 12,5 x21 with 255/30/20 tires front and 355/25/21 inch rollers on the rear axle from Pirelli, type P Zero.
Exterior: Complete car wrapping, colored navy-dark-gray matte and traditional Wheelsandmore racestripe.
McLaren MP4-12C Spider:
Performance: Power upgrade from 460 kw / 626 hp and 601 nm up to 515 kw / 700 hp and 650 nm, achieved by remapped software and valve controlled exhaust with catalyst replacement pipes.
Wheel / tire combination: 6Sporz ē ultralight forged, handmade multipiece wheels, with individual customization on customerīs option, this time finished in matte black with orange colored outlines, sizing 9,5 x20 front and 12,0 x21 inches rear with 255/30/20 and 325/25/21 UHP tires on the rear from Continental.
Exterior: Complete car wrapping colored matte navy-dark-gray and 2-tone finished Wheelsandmore racestripe

>>>>>>Lamborghini Aventador Roadster tuning program<<<<<

>>>>>>Mc Laren MP4-12C Spider tuning program<<<<<

Aventador Roadster tuning Aventador Roadster tuning Aventador Roadster tuning Aventador Roadster tuning Aventador Roadster tuning
McLaren MP4-12C Spider tuning McLaren MP4-12C Spider tuning McLaren MP4-12C Spider tuning McLaren MP4-12C Spider tuning McLaren MP4-12C Spider tuning
22 inch alloys Ferrari FF Fiwe Gallery

F.I.W.E. – new multipiece forged wheel from Wheelsandmore

The new designed 20 and 21 inch available F.I.W.E. wheel from german high-end tuning company Wheelsandmore is available from April 2013 and especially developed for sports- and supersportscars like Audi R8, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, McLaren und Mercedes AMG.

The prices per wheel are starting at 1933 EUR (20 inch) and 2269 EUR (21 inch).

F.I.W.E. means "forged innovative wheel engineering" because Wheelsandmore invested a lot of time and brainpower to create a concave design with excessive spokes protruding the outside rim to provide a bigger look of the complete wheel. As the design allows no changing of the outside rim sizes, it was necessary to make the wheels fit to any known caliper clearance especially of those from supersportscars with their big ceramic brakes.

The milled centers are weight optimized and the wheels are strictly handcrafted on order in Germany. Individual finish of surface and color combination is offered to customerīs on their personal options. Like all other wheels from Wheelsandmore the new F.I.W.E. forged wheel was succesfully german TUV approved.

22 inch alloys Ferrari FF
Vanquish Aston Martin power upgrade ecu

Exotic and supersport tuning cars powered by Wheelsandmore

Today we present 2 exclusive and incomparable exotic tuning conversions...


First 4WD shooting brake model from Ferrari with enormous stock 660hp was integrated in wheelsandmore´s portfolio by developing special performance parts, especially the new 22 inch 6Sporz² wheel for the rear axle.

Picture is showing:

- Power upgrade due ecu remapping and valve controlled exhaustsystem achieving
700 hp and 715 nm of torque

- Weight optimized forged performance wheels 6Sporz², matte black with outliners
front: 9,0x21 with tires 255/30/21 Pirelli P Zero Nero

rear: 12,0x22 with tires 315/25/22 Pirelli P Zero Nero

Aston Martin Vanquish

The strongest ever in series build new Vanquish from Aston Martin got the following performance parts, Made in Germany by Wheelsandmore:

- Power upgrade due ecu remapping and valve controlled exhaustsystem achieving
613 hp and 710 nm of torque

- Weight optimized forged performance wheels 6Sporz², matte black with outliners
front: 9,5x21 with tires 265/30/21 Continental Sport Contact 5P

rear: 12,5x21 with tires 325/25/21 Continental Sport Contact 5P

For further information please visit:

>>>>>>Ferrari FF tuning program<<<<<

>>>>>>Aston Martin Vanquish tuning program<<<<<
tuning Ferrari 458 tuning Audi R8 GT tuning exhaust Lambo Aventador tuning  CLS 218 AMG 63 tuning Ferrari 458 italia
Aventador tuning LP700
458 Italia Ferrari wheels 21 inch

Exotic and supersport tuning cars powered by Wheelsandmore

From time to time Wheelsandmore presents in this news-section several snaps of car conversions with performance parts "Made in Germany".

From now Wheelsandmore rewards transmitted customer pictures once a year by a vote on their Facebook and Google+ website.

We wish you lots of fun and a exciting start into the new tuning season 2013.

There are lots of exciting news and worldpremiers coming up.

Be curious about:

-Lamborghini Aventador Roadster

- Mercedes SL65 AMG

- SLS Black Series

- MC Laren MP 4-12C Spider

- Audi R8 Plus

- New 3-piece 20 and 21 inch forged wheels F.I.W.E. and many more

tuning Ferrari 458 tuning Audi R8 GT tuning exhaust Lambo Aventador tuning  CLS 218 AMG 63 tuning Ferrari 458 italia
LP700 Wheels tuning tuning exhaust R8 GT AUDI tuning exhaust Ferrari 458 wheels tuning  R8 GT Audi tuning Aventador Lambo
Mercedes SLS AMG tuning
Mercedes SLS AMG tuning exhaust

Wheelsandmore SLS Roadster tuning Stage III - 704 hp/835nm

Depending the delivery date of his Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster the proud owner could extensively approve the standard performance of this beauty. Now, that the sun moves again about to the Tropic of Capricorn in Europe, most Roadsters will disappear in garages and the inclined owner of a SLS got a lot of time to think about improving the performance. In that case Wheelsandmore offers help by introducing the new performance upgrades up to 704hp.

Stage II: To the already proven software remapping, a stainless steel exhaust system with sport catalysts and a flap-controlled exhaust (maintaining the standard tailpipes) was adapted, resulting in total 635 hp and 700 nm torque, combined with special sport airfilters.

Stage III: In addition to the performance stage II the naturally-aspirated V8 engine is supercharged with compressors. 704hp and 855nm of torque is the impressive final result of dyno testing. Then the roadster passes the 0-100 km/h sprint in breathtaking 3.6 seconds and the top speed is electronically limited at maximum 330 km/h.

Befitting the noble tuner upgraded the wheels of the Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster with handmade forged wheels of the type 6Sporz ē, turning on the front axle sizing 9,0 x21" with 245/30/21 tires and on the rear axle in handsome 11,5 x21" with 305/25/21 tires. An ultra-lightweight aluminum coilover suspension, variable in compression and rebound, provides further improved sports character. Optionally Wheelsandmore provides a LCS coilover suspension with a lift-up function, which allows raising the front and rear axles around 40mm by pressing the remote control button.

>>>>>>Mercedes SLS AMG Roadster tuning program<<<<<

Mercedes SLS AMG tuning wheels Mercedes SLS AMG tuning power upgrade Mercedes SLS AMG tuning exhaust Mercedes SLS AMG tuning valve controlled exhaust Mercedes SLS AMG tuning suspension
F12 tuning Ferrari Berlinetta
F12 tuning Ferrari Berlinetta wheels 22 inch

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta powered by Wheelsandmore

As one of the first manufactures worldwide, german noble tuner Wheelsandmore doesnīt even stop at the strongest model from Ferrari and increases the driving pleasure, performance and performance of the F12 Berlinetta with selected components.

Quite recently the proud owner of a Ferrari F12 is excited of the factory provided 740 hp and 690 Nm of torque. Enormously, but no reason for Wheelsandmore not to start work to elicit further potential of the Supersports-Coupe. Thanks to a review of the software and the flow-optimized exhaust system the V12 engine develops massive 785 hp after installing the performacne parts from the noble tuner. The volume of the handmade exhaust system can be regulated by the pilot at any time by pressing a button of the remote-controlled exhaust valves. Converted like that the bolide mutates any time from the good sports car to a sensational extreme athletes.

Specifically for the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and the FF the on-site wheel model 6Sporz ē was developed also available in 22" to allow the perfect conversion of the wheel / tire combination. At the front, the timeless forged wheels rotate in 9.5 x21 inches with 255/30er tires and on the rear axle at maximum 12,5 x22 inches with 335/25/22 tires from Pirelli. Thanks to the consistent lightweight construction of the multi-piece wheels Wheelsandmore keeps the wheel weights of the larger wheels on the series level. All items can be designed in color and surface individually on demand. In this case the tuner opted for classic black matte with a subtle outline in body color.

The vehicle was lowered around 30mm by using Wheelsandmore sports springs.

Various attachments and body parts for the Ferrari F12, made of 100% real carbon fiber, are currently under development and will complete the F12 portfolio of Wheelsandmore in the near future.

>>>>>>Ferrari F12 Berlinetta tuning program<<<<<

F12 tuning Ferrari Berlinetta exhaust F12 tuning Ferrari Berlinetta suspension F12 tuning Ferrari Berlinetta chiptuning F12 tuning Ferrari Berlinetta ecu upgrade F12 tuning Ferrari Berlinetta tuning performance
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